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Bonn, 11.10.2020

Highly secure remote access to data and applications is the most important guarantee for productivity in times of a global pandemic.

The oneclick™ platform offers the highest level of security and at the same time is unrivalled in its ease of configuration.

In order to be able to offer oneclick customers the ultimate protection, a highly innovative insurance product had to be linked directly to the oneclick license; simplicity with a maximum of IT security.

unival insurance agency GmbH has accepted this challenge in cooperation with its dynamic and innovative partners Victor Deutschland GmbH and Württembergische Versicherung. With CyberAssurance, a product has been developed which was able to meet all requirements of oneclick AG.
As an insurance broker for digital solutions in the field of special insurance, we accompany the change to a digital, highly secure networked future and support our customers in all requirements. The advantages of a license-based model such as CyberAssurance are obvious: “The customer covers insurance and software license in one step without having to meet complicated insurance requirements. “

“Collaboration is the future”, says David Vollmar, managing director of unival insurance agency GmbH. “I am enthusiastic about the efficiency and innovative power of this unique cyber concept. The integration of CyberAssurance into the finished licensed product is a milestone in IT security and clearly underlines the contemporary product development from Victor Deutschland GmbH”.

Simplifying processes, saving valuable time and creating trust is a core component of our work. We are working on further innovations with our partners. The performance of our customers is our main focus.

IT security is possibly the most important component for the competitiveness of companies. It is therefore all the more gratifying when innovations from Germany set new standards.

Therefore, data is the currency of digitization and its protection is our task.

The oneclick™ platform complemented with the CyberAssurance license:
IT shield and innovation for the cyber protection of companies and their employees.

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